Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )


Where can I see the items on your website?

G4 Decor LLC maintains gallery space in Stamford, Connecticut and in Bedford, New York.  However, the majority of our items are stored in off-site warehouses throughout the New York City region.  Requests to see particular items can be arranged by request.  Please contact Richard Maslow at 917-373-2512.

Why does G4 Decor LLC have items for sale on 1stdibs.com?

Since 2010, G4 Decor LLC has been active dealer on 1stdibs.com.  However, listing requirements and limitations on 1stdibs.com restrict our ability to show customers our entire inventory of items available for sale.  Thus we offer more items for sale on our g4decor.com site.

What are the shipping charges?

Shipping charges vary depending upon origin, item shipped, value, method of shipment, duration and destination.  Shipping may also include insurance and packing charges.  Shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser, and items are sold FOB – G4 Decor LLC warehouse.  We make every effort to provide competitive shipping estimates from reliable and reputable shippers.  Please contact Richard Maslow at 917-373-2512 for a shipping estimate.

What if I change my mind and want to cancel my order?

All sales are final.  There are no returns unless you were shipped the incorrect item.  If you need additional pictures or further information before making your purchase, please contact Richard Maslow at 917-373-2512.

Can I pickup my order?

G4 Decor LLC can work with you to arrange for a time for you or your shipping agent to pick up your order.  We will provide you with the pickup location zip code prior to your order; however we will only disclose the full pickup location address once payment has been tendered.  Pickup of your order may result in the assessment of sales tax.

Will you accept a lower price?

As a general rule, prices are firm.  We may, however, be able to discount some items.  Please contact Richard Maslow at 917-373-2512 for price inquiries.

Can I pay with a check?

G4 Decor LLC will accept payment be check.  However, no merchandise will be shipped until all monies have cleared our bank.

Do I have to order online or can I order by phone?

Most of our customers view our items online, contact us by email or phone, and then complete there order via email or phone.  Some customers prefer to order directly through our site.  We are happy to serve both types of customers.

Can I order any of your items on 1stdibs.com?

G4 Decor LLC has many items for sale on 1stdibs.com as well as on the g4decor.com site.  There may be some overlap – eg items which appear on both sites.  You can always purchase any item on either site directly from G4 Decor LLC by contacting us via email or by phone.  However, 1stdibs.com will not make process any sales for items which are not listed on its site.  

Can I use a valid resale certificate to avoid the collection of local sales tax?

G4 Decor LLC will honor valid resale certificates that are presented at the time of sale. 

Will local sales tax be assessed by G4 Decor LLC on orders in which items are shipped outside the New York City tri-state region?

Purchased items which are transferred from a G4 Decor LLC designated warehouse to a licensed common carrier in which the shipping documents disclose a destination which is outside of the New York City tri-state region, shall not be assessed local sales tax.  The purchaser, however, may be subject to compensating use taxes of the destination jurisdiction.

Will G4 Decor ship outside the USA?

We routinely ship items to all continents ( Antarctica excepted ).  If you are considering purchasing items for international shipment, we encourage you to select several items, and contact us directly.  We often will obtain shipping quotations and compare them to shippers that you might have used, and work to use the best priced carrier.  Please contact Richard Maslow at 917-373-2512.

What happens if my item arrives damaged?

Before acknowledging receipt of your order, you should fully inspect your item(s) and note any damages on the bill of lading.  Do not let the driver leave until you have inspected the item, even if the driver is getting very impatient. Take as many digital pictures of the damage, including the packing materials as possible.  Do not discard any of the packing materials.  Make sure to contact G4 Decor LLC at 917-373-2512 within 48 hours from the time when the item(s) were delivered.  G4 Decor LLC is experienced in filing freight claims, and will work with you to file a timely freight claim on your behalf.  Freight damage is rare, but it does happen.

Will you rent an item for a photo shoot or production set?

Renting of particular items can be arranged, for a fee.  Contact Richard Maslow at 917-373-2512.

Can I take an item on approval?

Generally, G4 Decor LLC tries to avoid approval situations.  In our experience, most approval requests do not lead to a sale.  Kindly contact Richard Maslow @ 917-373-2512.